First Post!

Hi everyone! Hoping by now everyone has read my “about me” section, so you’ll know what to expect!

I honestly couldn’t wait till whenever to write my first post so I thought I’d start with today!

Its been such a long horrible day so far and honestly I’m just trying to keep myself busy. This guy that I have been chatting to for a while as suddenly gone MIA and I’m freaking out!! I feel so sad and I just want him to get back to me. I sound so pathetic but he has never done this before out of the blue, so I’m starting to worry. It’s right before Christmas too, such bad timing! I’d really reallllly love to know why males tend to do this to us girls? Does anyone have the reason why? It just happens countless amount of times to me, I’m over it!
Anyway I really had to share that and get some advice!

Ash xxxx